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    Default Regarding official streaming sites

    After many months of being suspicious or disinterested in legit streaming anime sites, I finally got around to watching a video on Crunchyroll last night. It was a pretty disappointing experience. The video was so large that it couldn't fit on my netbook's screen, even when I set my browser on full screen mode. And it was awkward and choppy. The video seemed to chug along, and the audio rarely seemed to be in sync. (My netbook uses Windows XP, has a 1.6 GHZ processor, and 1 GB of RAM. And I have broadband service through Comcast.) It's possible that Norton Security may have been draining my computer's resources... but overall I'm disappointed. The experience didn't live up to the hype.

    Have you had more success using streaming video services? Do you like this technology, or do you think it's too difficult to use?

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    For some reason, I can't get behind streaming sites for series of any kind. I'd rather have the whole thing cached locally like the good old days.

    Also, I knew about Crunchyroll before it was cool, but I never used it as the concept bothered me even then.
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    I use Crunchyroll all the time on my iMac (connected to my TV) and iPhone and it works great for me, but I suppose one of the issues with streaming is keeping the experience consistent for everyone. I do get choppy connections every now and then but no more than any other video site.

    Personally I love watching on crunchy, hulu, netflix, etc. since you can just casually check shows out without having to order DVDs or pirate stuff. It's probably not the best way to watch and I'll still buy the DVD/Bluray if I find something I really like, but it does give you more options if you care about keeping things legit. Of course not everyone cares about that, but that's another issue altogether.


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